Broadtags is here!

The future of social tagging. Discover and start sharing now!

Broadtags is here!

The future of social tagging.


How it works?

BroadTags is the brand new social media app that for the first time lets you follow subjects not people. It’s innovative, exciting and new, but oh so simple! On BroadTags you don’t follow a person or an organization, you follow a #Hashtags, which covers a particular subject. Anything related to that topic appears there, providing you with a steady stream of relevant information.

So, if you can’t get enough of basketball you follow #NBA for all the latest team news; if films are your thing then follow #Movies to find out about new releases and more. Or if the runway is where your attention is fixed, follow #Fashion to find out what’s hot and what’s not.

Anybody can create #Hashtags and it can be as broad or specific as you like – you could create one for your college, your place of work, your street or even yourself!

Meet Hashtag!

Hashtag is the awesome little guy, that makes it really easy to find interesting topics, on the social networks.

You never know where a Hashtag will take you!

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BroadTags is about information

BroadTags is the first social media App to fully embrace the fact that social media is now leading communication. Whether its sports, politics, entertainment or business – news is often breaking first on social media sites. BroadTags taps into this by letting you enjoy a stream of updates about anything and everything that interests you.

BroadTags is about people

Every post on BroadTags is created by a person – whether it’s a simple text, a photo or a video there is a person behind it wanting to share it with other users.

BroadTags is about connecting

BroadTags puts the social into social media because it is so simple to connect with other people that share your interests and hobbies. You can connect with someone simply by clicking on a post in #Hashtags Box and sending them a message.

Broadtags is here!

Broadtags is available on both iOS and Android now. Don’t wait, start Broadtagging!

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BroadTags is about creativity

BroadTags is an incredibly creative force as it embraces the three mediums of photography, video and the written word. Users can give full rein to their creative impulses by making posts about subjects they love, which in turn encourages other to do the same!

BroadTags is about community

What is so incredible about BroadTags is that it creates instant communities of like-minded people, who will interact with one another and enrich each other’s lives through a shared interest in a particular subject.